The most affordable high-quality 180° sports video recording


First and only of its kind

ActionStitch is an innovative video stitching program that can automatically sync and stitch 2 side-by-side videos into a full 180° video. This allows you to place two stationary cameras on the sideline to record every single action during a game without an operator.

Low-cost and high-quality

For the first time, ActionStitch's revoluationary stitching algorithm makes it possible to use popular off-the-shelf action cameras (such as GoPro or DJI), instead of specially built ones that are often too expensive. Thanks to this algorithm, ActionStitch can create the finest 180° video, without visible artifacts, at a faction of the cost required by our competitors. No more hefty subscription fees either.



Your own video

The more important thing is, with ActionStitch you own the right to your own video. You can watch the video offline, or host it on your favorite cloud storage. You can post-process and transcode video using the software of your choice to create highlights. There is no subscription requirement to maintain the access to the video that you create yourself.

Open source video player

After the 180° video is ready, you can use our open source in-browser player to watch the video, which allows you to zoom in/out or pan/tilt as needed. Our player even supports an interactive perspective view that is far superior to those provided by our competitors.


ActionStitch comes with a fully functional 30-day trial with all features available.